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what is a flâneur?

Pronunciation /flaˈnəː/ NOUN plural noun flâneurs/flaˈnəː/

Flâneur is French, from flâner ‘saunter, lounge’. 

A term meaning ‘stroller’ or ‘loafer’ used by nineteenth-century French poet Charles Baudelaire to identify an observer of modern urban life, and now, a connoisseur of the street and its automotive delights.

Home of the Car Marketing Archive

Saving and sharing the best pre-millennium car advertising. If you have unwanted car magazines or brochures looking for a new home, do please get in touch as we do like to re-home collections in the archive, and can offer free collection to many locations around the south and the Isle of Wight, and for certain titles we can offer a credit to use in store.

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