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Cuba Detroit Washington DC Los Angeles Philadelphia Philadelphia

The flaneur in North America - time to sit back (or perhaps drive) and enjoy the city...

The American city is not an obvious haunt for the flaneur, but most cities offer
some kind of flaneuring experience above and beyond Starbucks. The strip and
suburban flaneur can have some fun too - just don't forget the hire car!

Durango, CO
Las Vegas NV
Los Angeles (Downtown) CA
Los Angeles (Greater LA) CA
Los Angeles (LAX Airport) CA
Phoenix, AZ
Roswell, NM
Santa Monica CA

East & South:
Atlanta GA
Baltimore MD
Charleston SC
Charlotte NC
Detroit MI
Harrisburg PA
Lancaster PA
Miami Beach FL
New York (Coney Island, Brooklyn) NY
Philadelphia PA
Washington DC

Havana, Cuba (Modern)
Havana, Cuba (Cars)
Havana, Cuba (Signs)

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